About Prunus Studio

Prunus Studio specializes in designs for all formats such as printing matters, logos, websites, t-shirts, other media formats. Both English and Japanese design jobs are welcome.

About Yoko

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yoko has always been an artistic child interested in music (practiced piano for 14 years and trumpet for 8 years) and arts. She received many awards for her various art projects throughout her school years in Japan. After high school, she enrolled in a design school in Tokyo to further enhance her artistic skills. She moved to the United States in 1998 and advanced her knowledge in arts design by majoring in Computer Assisted Photo Imaging. After many years of building her career, expanding her portfolio, and working for several well-known companies in the travel and food industries, she branched out on her own as a freelance designer. Over the years, she has helped many American and Japanese clients launch their branding identities and garner market recognition by the designs she created. With her dynamic personality, professionalism, and dedication, she is ready to assist you and your company reach your marketing and branding goals.